5 Important Advantages of Private Christian School


Commonly Taught Beliefs & Values - Among the first concerns Christian parents have as their sons and daughters approach school age is this: Will my children’s school teach the same ideas, concepts, precepts, values, and belief systems that we, as their parents, will be teaching them at home? This answer to this is "yes" when the choice is a grounded Christian school.  Christianity is integrated into the very fabric of a Christian school’s curriculum and instructional practices. Teachers are selected not only on the basis of what they have studied and their mastery of subject matter and teaching methods but because of the nature and depth of their own Christian commitments. Classes encourage the discussion of faith in practice, and of the importance of the formation of Christian habits, in thinking and acting.

Excel in Academic Pursuits - Standardized tests scores have shown that the scores of Christian school students are consistently higher than state and national averages of their peers in public schools (ITBS, Stanford Achievement Tests, ACT, SAT…). The low student to teacher ratio provides increased access to teachers and assistance to individual learners.

Environment - The structured, nurturing and intentional environment provided by a quality Christian school impacts self-discipline, responsibility, and self-motivation.  Because a Christian private school is able to control who and how many are admitted, who stays, and how students are expected to behave, they are able to create the ideal environment.  Teaching is not compartmentalized into just teaching Math or just teaching English.  Instead, teaching the “whole” child is a priority.  Everyday lessons will include lessons in respect, responsibility, and kindness.  

Be Known - In a Christian private school, teachers get to know every one of their students well—not just in the classroom, but on the athletic field, in drama productions, and during before- and after-school sessions. And, of course, students and teachers share their faith during daily prayers and at regular worship services. Seeing your child in many different lights gives teachers insights that enhance the whole learning process. An outgrowth of the close teacher/student relationship is trust. Students feel free to discuss ideas and problems with their teachers and coaches—adults whom they look upon as trusted mentors. As a result, your child’s school becomes an extension of your family. It provides a safe environment in which your child can explore ideas and feelings, while at the same time it provides the guidance that ensures your child won’t get lost while exploring.

Broad Choices for the Future:  Graduates of Christian schools typically enjoy a wide range of choices upon graduation from high school. Many matriculate at selective public universities; others at selective private universities; others at nonselective colleges and universities, both public and private. Still, others attend community colleges, technical colleges, or Bible colleges; and yet others decide to work in the family business or on the family farm. All these choices are commonly available as realistic options for those who graduate from Christian schools.




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