CrossPointe Traditions

Traditions are an important part of the CrossPointe experience.  Whether it is participation in a first manner's lunch, partaking in another all-school picnic, ballroom dance at cotillion or celebrating alumni at CCA's Homecoming, CrossPointe traditions are engaging, inspiring and are a vital part of the CrossPointe story.  

CrossPointe's oldest tradition is the All-School Picnic.  An annual event that takes place the second Saturday of every October, the picnic ushers in a feeling of community each year.  The day is full of memory-making activities for all ages including hayrides, volleyball, chili-cookoff, the famous rope swing and more. 

CrossPointe has had a longstanding tradition of placing a heavy emphasis on a child’s social education, the acquisition of Godly habits and character education. The goal for our cotillion program is to further define the role of these graces in our students’ lives. The program places a strong emphasis on etiquette, manners with spiritual applications, as well as ballroom dancing.  Other topics covered are the ethics involved in the areas of having honor, dignity, respect, honesty, fairness, a caring attitude, accountability, and citizenship.  The Cotillion at year’s end provides the young ladies and gentlemen a formal environment to practice the etiquette and dance skills they have learned.




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